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Author Topic: 5 Distinctive Differences Between A Website And a Blog  (Read 344 times)

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5 Distinctive Differences Between A Website And a Blog
« on: December 24, 2015, 12:11:10 PM »
Difference between a blog and a website is one of the often asked
questions in the realms of the web. When you?re planning your online
presence , it is important to know this difference because it can play a huge role in how
you will develop and maintain your online presence. Let?s examine the
question and *the real difference* that lies between a blog and a website.

Content Organization

This is the main thing that separates a blog from a website.How you want to organize your entire web content determines whether you
need a blog or not. Blogs are actually web logs ?where the content is
stored in a chronological fashion (much like a diary). New content goes
on top of the existing pile of material (like a stack).

Both website and blog consist of pages that are interconnected by
hyperlinks called URLs.
In case of blogs, such pages are called ?posts?. These posts are stacked
on top of each other sorted on the basis of date of creation.

A website, on the other hand, houses content that is hierarchically
connected. There is a root page (called Home Page or Index page) and
other pages are organized like a tree structure under the
root. A website does not bother about the creation date of a page. It is
up to the website developer to decide how to link all the pages with
each other.

It is important to understand the difference between blog and a website.

If a page is not linked at all in a website ?it is referred to as /an
orphan page/. Such a page can be accessed only if you know URL of that
page. Because of the lack of a link, you can not just /?surf?/ to that page.

Platform and Coding

Because the structure of blogs is well defined and is driven by
chronology, there are a number of free blog platform available that can be used to easily create a blog.

A website is usually developed from the scratch. You?ll need to make
choices about *platforms* (e.g. Windows or Linux), *databases* (e.g.
mysql  or SQL Server),
*programming languages* (e.g. PHP, ASP, Java) and then ask a developer
to tailor made your website according to your requirements.

Obviously, being custom designed, a website gives you more flexibility
in implementing the idea that you have in mind. Most of the blog
platforms allow but only limited flexibility.

Support and Maintenance

Blogs are relatively much easier to maintain. If you make a blog on an
open source platform  or a free blog service ?you would not need to worry about code
development and maintenance. Developers of the platform take care of
removal of bugs and further development.

Website code, however, needs to be maintained by you or the developer
hired by you. This may entail extra cost.

Static vs. Dynamic

Many people say that a website is static and a blog is dynamic in
nature. *I don?t agree with this*. Website can /both be/ static or
Modern websites should not be seen as static webpages of the bygone era.

Also, how static or dynamic your web presence would be ?it depends upon
how much content you will upload. If you don?t write posts, even a blog
can be practically static and websites like that of a shop may see
changes on daily basis!

Blog vs. Websites in context of SEO

Here again I defer from commonly held view that blogs are abundantly
?SEOed? whereas websites have limited SEO.

Well, SEO affects both website and blogs equally and in similar manner.
Blogs platforms are built over the years and usually by large team of
world-class developers. So, in that way, blog platforms are
automatically *better optimized for search engines*. But, otherwise, if
you put in resources, you can very well have a website perfectly
optimized for search engines. No one stops you from doing that! And in
fact, you should do that.

This is it for today, guys.I hope that this article made the *difference
between website and blog* clear. If you have any doubts or questions,
please feel free to comment and ask me.



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