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Author Topic: I was hospitalised after my marriage crashed- Comedienne Princess  (Read 1726 times)

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Comedienne, Damilola Adekoya, better known as Princess has opened up on how her marriage ended in less than a month.

In a new interview with Punch newspaper, she disclosed that the marriage was already over a few days after the wedding, but she kept it secret to avoid the shame.

She also disclosed how she fell ill and had to be hospitalised after her husband left her.

On the admission, she said, ?we thank the Lord. The most important thing is that I am alive and better. I appreciate life more. But this one you are asking, e no reach make I sick? After my husband left after our wedding, was it not enough reason for me to be sick? Ah! The Lord is our strength. Ah! I am telling you the truth o. The truth is that we all have challenges in our lives. I have always believed that the challenge is not the issue but how you get up and get over it. I was very down last year. It was my low moment. But with the help of God and the support of my family and friends, I am here now. I am happy.?

Dealing with the shame that followed the suit, she said ?The only time I felt bad about my fame was when my marriage ended. I felt if I weren?t this popular; people wouldn?t have talked about it. So many marriages crash on a daily basis but you will not hear about them. Some people have been married five times but you will not hear their gist because they are not in the eye of the public. People didn?t know that the marriage had broken up until December when I felt I was strong enough to handle the publicity that it generated. I was shocked! People called me from all parts of the world including China. Some people cried while some people felt happy.

?Some guys said they were happy my marriage ended. Some said they were not happy that I even married the guy. Some said I looked older than him. Some said my marriage shouldn?t have ended just like that. People talked and talked.
But the only time you know your marriage is successful is when you live with your partner and God calls one of you home. Marriage of 30 years can still break up. It is a bad thing for a marriage to break-up. So you can imagine the unhappiness the parties involved would be going through. Nobody is happy when his/her marriage ends. Some people see me outside and ask, ?your marriage has ended, how do you feel?? I will answer them that I am jumping up or how else do they expect me to feel? Nonsense!

A comedian once said that ?complete? and ?finish? appear to have the same meaning but they are not the same. If you marry the right person, you are complete but if you marry the wrong person, you are finished.? she explained
Clearing the air on why the marriage crashed, she said ?I got married to somebody who I was in love with. At that time, he also said he loved me. Unfortunately, the marriage ended too soon. It was due to irreconcilable differences. It is not a thing of joy. I don?t think we should celebrate sadness and bad news. We should be more sensitive. No marriage should end but peradventure it does, don?t make a mockery of that person. You are not even mocking the person, you are mocking God.?

When asked if she still relates well with her ex-husband, she said ? I don?t think you should call him my ?ex-husband? because we were together for less than one month. An ex- husband is somebody you marry and after three years or more, you separate. Anyway, I don?t know where he is. We have moved on.?
On the stigma associated with women who are divorced, she said ?Stigma ke? That was before. Men can afford to have 20 children from different women. If your wife is abusing you and you cannot take it, my brother, please take a walk. If your husband is abusing you, take a walk. If it is like my own case that both of you cannot agree, you also need to take a walk before somebody wounds the other person. Death is final. So it is better to take off before it degenerates into death. I know somebody that separated from his wife and years later, he came back and begged her and they are back together. He, who fights and runs away lives to fight another day. Don?t die there.?



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