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Author Topic: [PHOTOS]Modern Horror Classics: The 17 Scariest Movies Since 2000  (Read 11574 times)

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The Devils Backbone (2001)

After surviving the behind-the-scenes horrors that plagued his second film ?Mimic,' Guillermo del Toro maintained full creative control over his third ? and arguably best ? feature. A spine-tingling period ghost story set at an orphanage haunted by the fallout of the Spanish Civil War, ?Backbone' is an early step into territory that the director would later revisit in 'Pan?s Labrynth.' The movie?s unnerving creepiness is matched only by its extraordinary tenderness for the young hero at its center. (Available on iTunes, Amazon Instant, and Google Play) ? Ethan Alter

The Eye (2002)

Proof that Japan wasn't the only trusted exporter of scary movies during the mid-aughts Asian horror boom, this made-in-Hong Kong (and Thailand) production dared viewers to keep their eyes open as its blind violinist heroine encountered all manner of spooky paranormal activity following a cornea transplant. A hit at home and abroad, 'The Eye' spawned two sequels and a Jessica Alba-starring American remake, but none matched the original for sheer creepiness and rewatchability.  ? Ethan Alter

May (2002)

Lucky McKee?s little-seen indie film is considered a cult classic among horror aficionados. The title character (played by Angela Bettis) is an awkward, sensitive young woman whose ostracized childhood left her with few social skills, but allowed her to develop a talent for crafting. (Ten years later, she would definitely have had an Etsy shop.) May?s strangeness is oddly sexy, and soon the people around her ? including Jeremy Sisto and Anna Faris ? find themselves being drawn into her world. Little do they realize that this particular manic-pixie dream girl is secretly the stuff of nightmares. 'May' is a wonderfully quiet, idiosyncratic movie that gets under your skin. It?s a tragedy that neither McKee nor Bettis has done anything to equal it since. (Available on iTunes and Google Play) ? Gwynne Watkins

The Ring (2002)

Describe the plot of 'The Ring,' and it sounds like the silliest movie ever made: A reporter (Naomi Watts) starts following the deadly trail of a cursed videotape. Explain that the scariest moment in the film is when a TV suddenly goes on ? all by itself! ? and you?ll have a hard time keeping a straight face. But the American remake of the 1998 Japanese classic ?Ringu' is a triumph of doom and gloom over hokiness. In the hands of director Gore Verbinski, the damp Pacific Northwest setting so brims with creeping terror that the when the girl finally crawls out of a TV screen, it?s just about the scariest thing you?ve ever seen. Don?t believe us? Watch how the image has lived on in some
absolutely terrifying pranks (Available on iTunes, Amazon Instant, and Google Play)  ? Richard Rushfield

Suicide Club (2002)

A gory blast of Japanese horror, the movie (called 'Jisatsu s?kuru,' or ?Suicide Circle? in it?s home country) looks at what happens when a group of seemingly normal schoolgirls hurl themselves in front of a Tokyo train. The stomach-churning sequence is as bloody as you can imagine, but almost equally horrifying is the mysterious plot that's uncovered as detectives investigate the rash of suicides that follow. ?Suicide Club? met with some controversy when it was first released (can?t imagine why!), but eventually gained a cult following. (Available on iTunes and Amazon Instant) ? Meriah Doty

28 Days Later (2002)

The current zombie boom can be traced directly back to Danny Boyle?s thrilling DIY production, which made innovative use of digital cameras to depict a desolate, undead-ravaged London. Although the sequel, '28 Weeks Later,' boasted higher production values, the scruffiness of ?Days' is a big part of its appeal. It?s like a terrifying home movie beamed in from a post-apocalyptic parallel reality. (Available on iTunes and Google Play) ? Ethan Alter

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