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Author Topic: 3 shocking reasons why white men go for black women  (Read 117 times)

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3 shocking reasons why white men go for black women
« on: October 17, 2016, 06:42:58 PM »

Interracial marriage has been in vogue since time immemorial. A white man and a black lady coming together may generate lots of controversies because of the history of blacks and the position the white people take.

On a lighter note, that kind of combination is striking as people liken them to Coke and Fanta. But in reality, it goes beyond the sharp contrast in colours as the cultural belief of both parties vary to a large extent.

Marriage is no joke; even though you have heard that line a thousand times, it will continue to be said because it is a serious business. Two people coming together in holy matrimony may have lots of issues irrespective of the fact that they belong to the same race and tribe.

But when a totally different tribe or race is involved, the two people involved need just more than love to see them through. There could be so many reasons why a black girl could lust after a white man. She could be in for the security that comes with being married to a white man or for some genuine reason.

But when a white man shows interest in a black lady and does the chasing, then there is more to it. We will be giving you concrete and mind-blowing reasons some why white men go after black women below:

1. Confidence

Most white men love dating black women because of the confidence they ooze out. Their tenacity and ability to hold their heads high when weathering storms make the men more attracted to them. White men see them as being beautiful inside out.

2. A conquest to be won

Many white men go after black women because they yearn for something deeper and different. The curvy black woman whose skin drips from melanin is seen to be more appealing than the white girls they have always known.

They have probably had their fair share of the white girls around so going after the black race seems different from the norm for some of them.

3. A feel of everything real

Many of the black ladies you see are naturally endowed. There is basically no need for most of them to go for surgeries to enhance their body parts in order to look appealing.

It is simply the African way for them to be curvy and busty. Some white men go after black women because they want to touch body parts that are real and not silicon induced.

The very stereotypical white men think black women are slutty as they basically go after them when they want to satiate their sexual appetite. Some end up finding love in the arms of these so called ‘slutty’ black women who end up giving them children.

All that matters is your ability to stand firm as a black woman; if you are keen on being with a white man, you will surely find one who will find beautiful reasons to be with you and adore you for the rest of his life.

Source:  http://latestnaijanews.com.ng/3-shocking-reasons-why-white-men-go-for-black-women/



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