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Author Topic: PLACE YOUR ADS ON NAIJACRUX FORUM- Naijacrux Advertising Plans- Be Heard Be Seen  (Read 7428 times)

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Dear Sir/Madam

We thank you for your interest in advertising with us. Because we want to give you safe and satisfying service, we would like you to follow instructions below.

In order to place your ads on NAIJACRUX.COM you have to take your ads to a good advert graphic banner designer. Or send an Email to and one of Our staff will help you design a beautiful and suitable banner for a token fee.


? 728x90. GIF, JPEG, or Flash. 45kb (maximum) file size.
? Displayed throughout the site in the top position below main menus. Full Banner
? 468x60. GIF, JPEG, or Flash. 40kb (maximum) file size.
? Displayed throughout the site in the footer area. Leaderboard

Small Button (Right Column)
? 160x100. GIF, JPEG, or Flash. 30kb (maximum) file size.
? Displayed throughout the site.

Rectangular Button (Right Column)
? 180x180. GIF, JPEG, or Flash.30kb (maximum) file size. ? Displayed in the post area.

Half Banner
? 234x60 or 234x90. GIF, JPEG, or Flash. 30kb (maximum) file size.
? Throughout the site in the top position under link tree.

Post Page Banners Sections
? 300x250. GIF, JPEG, or Flash. 30kb (maximum) file size.
? Throughout the site inside first post.
(further acceptable formats will be displayed later).

Additional Specs
? No expanding, floating, pop-up, or in-stream ads.
? ALT tags may contain up to 50 characters (including spaces).
? All public policy, advocacy, political or candidate advertising must be clearly identified on every frame.

? Custom arrangements may be available upon request, and are subject to a premium. All ad space is sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

? All ad banner must be borderless, less than 45kb in size, and in the PNG, GIF or JPG format. It must also have your logo or the name of your brand or website to attract only informed clicks.

? Your ad might not be approved if it is found to be illegal, deceptive or morally questionable

? Once your ad is approved, we will provide you with information about how to purchase advertising credits so we can place your ads on NAIJACRUX home page or any other targeted page.

? Our Estimated Advertising Rates are dependent on the sections you wish to place your ads and ad type(format size) We charge for approximate value delivered. This is highly correlated with traffic on the short run. So when there's less traffic, you pay less, and when you're charged more, it will most likely be due to an increase in traffic. However, on the long run, that's not the only factor we consider.

? Once you are ready with the graphic designs in the format stated above and payment, upload your finished Ads(click) HERE.

? Cost of placing an ad is minimal. Your minimum monthly cost to place an ad is amazingly reasonable and affordable. Because of this we have tailored a cheap advertising platform on our web for 1month. The cost increases only in proportion to the large traffic on your ad and decreases when there is less traffic. Because we have traffic record machines, we have decided to run our ads this way; once you have accepted to run your ads on our site, we will charge you monthly. Monthly cost of advertising is dependent on the size of the banner.

We will in no time display ads we reject and why we reject them.
Thank you.

For Payment/inquiry Call: +2348053726930  now or Email us on

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