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Author Topic: 2017 Iphones to be made of a glass case, an AMOLED screen, and wireless charger  (Read 391 times)

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The next-generation iPhone 7 is expected to debut in September, but everyone seems to be more interested in what happens next, with analysts already predicting significant upgrades prepared by Apple for the 2017 model.

Now, well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple?s looking at several big changes for next year?s iPhone (supposedly called iPhone 7S), including a glass case, an AMOLED screen, and wireless charging.

First of all, it appears that Apple is finally ready to make the switch from metal to glass, which could bring the iPhone 7 in line with other high-end devices currently on the market, such as the Galaxy S7. Apple is reportedly trying to choose from glass, plastic, and ceramic case, 9to5mac writes citing the analyst, but most likely the company will pick glass because of the advantages it brings.

Apple is believed to be going for an approach similar to the one employed for the iPhone 4, with a glass casing and a metal frame, but the phone will come with a curved body and curved display. Smaller bezels and what the analyst calls a completely new form factor design will be the key highlights of the iPhone 7.

The first iPhone with an AMOLED display
Furthermore, the device will finally make the switch from LCD to AMOLED, although it was initially believed that the iPhone 8 coming in 2018 would be the pioneer of this transition. Apple wants to bring to the market a new 5.8-inch model sporting the AMOLED screen, and the way the 2017 lineup will look depends on the production capacity for this type of screens.

If Apple manages to build enough AMOLED displays to keep up with demand, the company might give up on the Plus model and offer the iPhone in 4.7 and 5.8-inch versions. If not, it could very well go for three models and drop the Plus with the next generation.

Cupertino is reportedly trying to make the 5.8-inch iPhone smaller in size than the Plus, and that wouldn?t be too hard, given the bezels of the 5.5-inch model. Smaller bezels and a better screen-to-body ratio are what Apple is aiming for when it comes to next year?s iPhone.

And last but not least, the iPhone could also get wireless charging in 2017. This is a feature that has long been rumored to arrive on the iPhone and was originally expected on this year?s model. Biometric authentication is also likely to be offered.

Certainly, these are only rumors for the time being, and some could prove to be inaccurate, but it?s very clear that Apple?s aiming for bigger changes for its iPhone lineup. It?s all just a matter of time until they are being implemented.



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