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Author Topic: Mozilla Firefox Adds a New Sidebar for Viewing Synced Tabs  (Read 331 times)

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Mozilla Firefox Adds a New Sidebar for Viewing Synced Tabs
« on: February 08, 2016, 10:08:52 AM »

Mozilla is currently in the process of adding a new sidebar to the Firefox browser, one that lets you easily access synced tabs from any of your devices.

Currently available only in Firefox Nightly (Firefox 47), the new Synced Tabs sidebar can be accessed in three ways.

Method 1: Select the "View -> Sidebar -> Synced Tabs" option from the browser's menu. This opens a sidebar to the left of your browser.

Method 2: Select "History -> Synced Tabs" option from the browser's menu. This opens a list of synced tabs as a popup sidebar to the right side of the browser.

Method 3: Via a special button added to Firefox's toolbar interface (see images attached to this article).

Of course, you can also continue to use the old method of typing and accessing the about:sync-tabs URL in your address bar, but these new methods seem to be much faster.

Let's hope Mozilla also decides to add a keyboard shortcut, since opening menu options still takes a few clicks, and not all users are that familiar with Firefox's hidden toolbar customization features.

Of course, to take advantage of this feature, users must have a Mozilla account and the Sync (tabs) feature turned on.

Since the feature is still in alpha stage, don't be surprised if some of its implementation details change when Firefox 47 comes out.



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