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Author Topic: how to use GTB Naira Master Card To make payment and shop Online  (Read 7182 times)

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Guaranteed Trust Bank popularly known as GTBank introduced the GTBank Naira Mastercard in 2010. The main aim of introducing the card is to enable Nigerians shop online. Though the card is a prepaid credit card, it provides the convinience, flexibily and feel of a real credit card.
*note: A prepaid credit card is not the same as a debit card the one we call ATM card.
 The Naira Master Card comes at a time when Nigerians are requesting for compatibility among online payment solutions such as Paypal, Moneybookers and Alertpay.
 Now, obtaining a working GTBank Naira Mastercard is easy, fast and free. You may start using the card on any ATM immediately you get your hands on one but you must have to activate the card online through GTBank online banking before you can use it to transact online.

How To Obtain A GTB Naira Mastercard

1. If you already have an account with GTBank, walk into any of their branches nationwide and order for your Naira Mastercard, you will be asked to fill and submit a form for the card.
 If you don't have a GTB account already, open a new one, inform the bankers of your intention to apply for the GTB Naira Master Card.

2. GTBank usually alerts you after 10 working days (2weeks) to collect your requested card. After you collect the card, you may start using it immediately on any ATM machine.
 The GTB Naira Mastercard has a 16-digit master number on it's front, it bears your name, GTB, Mastercard logos and the date of it's expiry.
 A 3-digit number is written on the back the CCV2 number.

To Enable/activate Online Transaction With The Naira Mastercard

3. Ask for the GTB Naira Mastercard  Token costs N2500 Naira -
 at any GTBbank branch. The Token is a small device accompanied by an ID which is generated from your account
 number; also the Token has a 10-digit number on the back of it. You wil also also recieve a numeric password on your email after you have collected the Token.

4. Visit www.gtbank.com, Go to Internet banking >> Login.
 Enter your account number ID and the password you recieved on your email, enter the Token Number ? the one at the back of the Token device and hit Login.
 After the Login, a page will be displayed where you will obtain a secure code
 for online transaction.

5. Follow the instructions and steps. You will be asked to enter your
 name, e-mail address, phone
 number, security question and
 answer, date of birth you used
 when opening your account
 Enter a new security code e.g. :123ABC
 and continue.

Using Your GTBank Naira Mastercard To Buy Online

1. Find the product or service you want to pay for.
 2. Select buy, pay, purchase, etc.
 3. Select pay by card, a checkout page will pop-up.
 On the page, enter the 16-digit number written in front of your Naira Mastercard; the ?name on card? and the 3-digit CCV2 number number written on the back.
 Click continue.
 4. A page from GTBank will popout, check the welcome note to see that it matches the one you set for your card, otherwise you may fall for a scams.
 5. Enter the information required by the new page such as: Security question, security code, etc.
 Click on Confirm and your payment is done!
You can usse it to buy @ eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Tiger Direct, aliexrpress ,nittygrittystore.com, birdsafe.com, Zappos, alibaba.com



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