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Author Topic: SFI strong future international beginners guide & tripleclicks free online store  (Read 4072 times)

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SFI (strong future international is a united state base real time online income earning registered company established 16years ago). to join SFI now, click the link below

so how do we make money from SFI anyway? That?s the million dollar question.Well, we make money by Referring and Sponsoring. I have already explained that SFI is not a job on some of our blog. SFI is a home business opportunity and therefore you must treat it as a business. What I am saying is: you only make money when SFI makes money. As an affiliate it is your job to get people to come to SFI?s store, which is called TripleClicks, and view the many products on offer. you can also get a store for free.Once someone purchases a product from TripleClicks then you get a commission. That is the agreement between you and SFI. You send them prospective buyers and they do the rest. In this step I will show you the first steps to referring and sponsoring your first affiliates and customers. First we must understand the terms.

Ɍeferring is the term we use when sending customers to TripleClicks.These customers may not necessary be interested in starting a business, they may just want to purchase products.


Sponsoring is the term used for building our affiliate team. These are people who are looking to start a home based business.Affiliates can become customers as well by purchasing marketing aids.


Any business can only make money by selling something or offering a service. SFI makes money by purchases made at its TripleClicks store. As an SFI affiliate you are already a member of TripleClicks so just login with your SFI user ID and password. incase you have products such as ebooks,IT ,health,and more to sell worldwide,Click the link below to join the TripleClicks store and get a free eccommerce online store .

As a TripleClicks member you have two options. EARN MONEY TripleClicks allows you to make money from any unwanted items in your house (except for your partner of course). By listing the item here you are displaying it to the many other members who may just be interested in what you have to offer. Sales can be made worldwide so someone out there will be interested in your listing. your store will look like this,click the link below to check a tripleclicks store


PURCHASE ITEMS This one is obvious. You can purchase items for yourself and make your sponsor rich. You can earn VersaPoints from your own purchases and you can get some items at wholesale price. This opens up a great opportunity for someone who has a stall on the market. If you scroll down the page and look at the left hand side you will see the following section. Under the word Currency there is a drop down menu which allows you to choose the currency you want the product prices to display in. By default, prices are in US Dollars but you can change it to your currency. As you may know, our main goal is to qualify as an EA (Executive Affiliate) each month to reap the benefits such as higher commission rates and to enable tools like the SFI Co-Op manager. This can be done by getting enough sales to make up 1500 VersaPoints (VP) during each month. However, when the next month starts your points reset and you have to earn 1500 to re-qualify again. Check sfi website to see the benefits you get for building VersaPoints. Many affiliates take the easy option and build the points with their own personal purchases. By purchasing a number of items you can build enough to qualify each month. So for example you may have earned 1000 VP you can purchase items to give you the remaining 500 VP. Note: this only appears if you have less than 1500 VP. I choose the most popular products but you can see more on sfi and tripliclicks website. This page gives me a list of 20 of the top selling products which will instantly qualify you as an EA. Let?s have a closer look at the top product (IAHBE) ? click on the name for the next page.

IAHBE is the best choice for international affiliates because it is a digital product. Just like the SFI site you can view it online. I am not going to try and persuade you to subscribe to IAHBE. My job as an affiliate is to simply refer you. At this point the customers that you have referred would read the description of IAHBE then click the ADD TO CART button to subscribe to it if they were interested. So you see - we are not sales people. We simply point people to the product and the site does the selling. Unless you have read the description you will probably have no idea what IAHBE is. Maybe you have already been to the TripleClicks site and had a look around all the categories before your sponsor has even introduced themselves. Notice that last sentence? It is quite possible that a new affiliate has joined your team, received all the details from SFI and gone to buy all next year?s Christmas presents before you even knew they had joined your team. Scroll down to the bottom of the page as you need to make note of this information about the product. This box contains the information you need for promoting IAHBE. In the left section you have a link that will take you to the IAHBE order page. You can use this URL if you wanted to promote IAHBE from your blog, webpage or any other promotional method. This is called a Referral Link or Affiliate Link. Simple copy and paste it where you want it. Note: if you don?t see the box then you are probably logged out. Both the SFI and TripleClicks sites tend to do that if you spend too long on one page without doing anything. Notice that your SFI ID is part of the URL. This is how SFI knows which affiliate referred the customer so they know who to pay. You will see your ID in every URL you promote, which makes your link look quite long and ugly in a safelist ad. Luckily no-one sees it in Traffic Exchanges. The right section tells us that we will get 1500 VersaPoints for buying this product. It also tells us the CV (commission volume) we get for a sale. You can get up to 72% of this CV depending on how may VersaPoints you have. For more information on commissions ,kindly check sfi website.

TripleClicks has a lot of great products with new ones being added all the time. Try searching for words like PS2 to find PlayStation 2 products. Try the different sections and see what it on offer. Online Shopping is getting more and more popular now and you have access to lots of great products at low prices. You could earn a good commission using TripleClicks alone. But if you want to make the big money then you need to build a team of affiliates and that is where sponsoring comes in.


If you read the compensation plan you will see the advance of building a team of working affiliates under you. SFI offers up to ten different income streams so building a team is to your advantage. For example Network Overrides allow you to tap into the bank account-bursting power of Leveraged Income and exponential growth. Your team members can be your best customers. As we have seen, building VersaPoints and getting to the higher levels is an advantage of purchasing items at TripleClicks. So imagine the money you can earn from the percentages of purchases made by multiple downlines! Before we start to sponsor new affiliates we need to set up a welcome letter for them. You will have noticed this on your To Do List. The purpose of this letter is to welcome your new affiliates into the team and offer them your help and support. In fact you could point them to this guide which will help them get started.

Log into your SFI affiliate Center and select the task of setting up a new affiliate greeting or just here to open up the page. If you haven?t done so already you should upload a picture of yourself. This is an important step towards building a business relationship with your affiliates because people like to put a face to the name. Pictures help to build trust so make sure you choose a good one. One of you sat at the computer is usually a good choice. First impressions count so make sure you choose a good photograph that makes you look friendly. I?ve seen photos of people who look like they are sat on the toilet which does not give a good image. Your new affiliate would not be impressed if your photo gives the image that you couldn?t care less. Try to look natural and friendly and of course sober! No pictures of you drunk, flashing your underwear at the camera.


Your letter should be simple and short. A simple welcome to the team followed by an introduction, then a bit of advice and finally an offer of support. Don?t try to be over-helpful and DO NOT try to sell them anything. You don?t want your new affiliate to think you are only interested in making money from them, otherwise you lose them forever. Here is an example letter. Feel free to use it as your own. Remember to change (YOUR NAME) to your name and NAME to the name of your new affiliate when you actually mail it to a new member. -- -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBJECT:

Welcome to my SFI Team NAME Hi NAME Welcome to SFI. My name is YOURNAME and I am your sponsor. I am so happy to have you in my team. SFI is a great business and I am proud to be a member. You will have received your user ID and password from SFI which you can use to log into your SFI Affiliate Center. I recommend you work through the To Do List on your home page as this will get you set up quickly. Over the next 30 days you will receive SFI?s Launchpad training series by email. NAME, I want you to know that I am here for you if you have any questions or need any extra help. If you want to contact me then my email is below. In fact, email me even if you just want to chat Have a great day, YOUR NAME YOUR EMAIL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have a personal website then you could add that to the email and tell your member that if they want to know more about you they can go to your website.Just point them towards a simple page with an introduction of yourself with a bit of background.A couple of family pictures, a bit about yourself and what you do.This is called Branding Yourself and helps towards building a relationship with your team. When a new affiliate joins your team SFI will send you an email. In that email you can click a link which will allow you to see more information about the affiliate. You will also get the opportunity to send them your welcome email.


Now we come to the fun bit.How to sponsor new affiliates into your team. SFI supplies all the materials you need to do this. Sit down with a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit, making sure it is milk chocolate because dark chocolate is horrible. Make a mental list of people that you know who might be interested in starting an online business working from home. Start with friends and family, people where you work, the local peeping tom etc... If they are not interested then maybe someone they know is interested. Remember, we don?t sell. We just refer. All you want is to get someone to go to your affiliate website and let the site do the selling. So when you talk to people, just concentrate on referring NOT selling. Here is an example of what you should say. Hi FRIENDNAME, I just joined this company that teaches you how to make money working from home. You should try to get permission first and then send the information. Don?t try to force them into anything and don?t pester them, this is a good way to lose friends. The process is simple: ask if they want to know more, if they do then send the information, if they don?t then don?t say anything more. If people say NO then don?t let it upset you. They are not rejecting you, they are rejecting the offer. Keep trying with other people and you will find someone who will join your team.


Let?s us presume that someone from your list wants to know more. The easiest way of sending the information is by using an E-Card. This card will arrive into your prospect?s mail box with a nice sales presentation and a link to your affiliate page.X-CARDS Another good way of sponsoring is to carry X-Cards with you. These handy wallet size cards promote the SFI business opportunity and you can write your SFI user ID on the back. SFI has many good sponsoring aids you can use. For example, you could purchase post cards or flyers and post them through letterboxes. The problem is that many people will just throw them away but you may just get someone who is interested and will join your team. The general idea is to expose SFI to as many people as possible. You can purchase promotional material at TripleClicks and earn VersaPoints at the same time. You can find a list of standard sponsoring methods on sfi website. These are methods of promoting offline which some people may not feel comfortable with. Luckily SFI comes to the rescue with a system that is great for you if you don?t feel happy approaching people.

EYEEARN CO OP The EyeEarn Co-Op generates affiliates from all over the world and shares them amongst the members who participant.There is no need for you to approach people and you can get extra shares if you want them. Many SFI members use EyeEarn and it is a great way to start building your team.Once your team starts using it you will soon see a positive growth in your network who could be earning you thousands of dollars. EyeEarn also gives you a share of the commission generated from MaxMalls so it really is worth becoming a member.


there are several payment options on sfi,since the introduction of localpay,members dont really have to worry much about earnings,you can make payment to localpay agent,you can recieve payment from commissions via the tripleclicks payoneer mastercard which can be funded using your mastercard just incase you want to purchase goods with it,you can use this card to withdraw in any atm in the world, pexpay,paypal,tcurrency payment and many more options are also are welcome to ask questions.


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how to make your 1500 Versapoints monthly guaranteed on SFI( increasing your commission volume)

This is for both old and new members who are just joining sfi/tripleclicks.i am sure by now you all know versapoint determines your monthly commission volume,and also your status and earnings on SFI.for those who has been wondering how you can maintain your monthly versapoint of 1500VP,it is Easy To Make 1500 VP

To all new members, you must also follow this step.most important,always login to your sfi daily and do the to do list by clicking on the red tabs and scrolling down to confirm each tabs review.

just follow this steps to make your 1500Versapoints monthly.if you haven't register yet,the link to register has been posted on the first post above.

Good morning to all of you guys ..

Take a cup of tea and start reading because today i am gonna show you how to make 1500VP easily and you can get all Benefits of EA

Always Log in to SFI and complete actions To-do list(not just for doing but Read Tips,PriceBlander News, Teamtalk, etc to grow up your business)
This will give you 11VP per day ok so for total 30 days
11 X 30 =330


Do weekly action at every week you will get
30VP- send message(boost up your Down line) Genealogy
5VP- For reviewing your TConnect page
3VP- For submitting a Stream post

Total 30+3+5=38 for 1 week
So in month 38 X 4= 152VP

DO monthly actions (it too easy because you need to give rating only !!)
this will give you 10Vp in 10 second

So till now we gathered 330+152+10 =492VP

Now from here we have TWO WAYS :

1st If u financially capable then Make standing order of any Tc items like below :
You can easily make 1500Vp each month by doing nothing

2nd If u financially not more capable then follow these steps

Purchase 10 E-books by 10TC from ECA shops which cost 1TC/e-book before Date 15th of the respective month..this will give you Review of e-books after the 15th of the respective month
==>you will get 250VP totlly by giving review of this 10e-books

To Find e-books you can go to shops like these :

let me tell you how to get TC Free.. Read Following

=>My best Advice to you purchase W3 kit ( it cost 1.95$ , its less than your daily purchase)
=>you can order it on tripleclicks
=>you will get 5Tc and 50 MRP easily per month
=>Awesome benefit of this is you can participate in "Pick up Price" contest just guess price of Ending Bid and win 200Tc/20Tc (200tc cost $64.00 )
per day 9-10 auction average running so 270-300 auctions per month so you can win atleast 1 time
( till now i won 1000TC+ in 3 months by that TC i won 7-8 auctions of 6 times S-builder/ 1 time 250TC / 1 time 50CSA
You can see 1.95$ can give you 500$+ infinity benefits
So till now we got 492+250=742VP

Sponsor Affiliates under your gateway and make them EA for 2nd month or you can say EA2 and tell them what you did to become EA2..( niche thing for new affiliates its very Easy to become EA even in 30 min affiliate can)

For each Such EA2 you get 100VP
As my assumption you can easily make 5 PSA ( personally Sponsored Affiliate) every month by refering on Facebook,twitter,Classifieds and many more traffic media

You will easily get 500VP from them even commission also if they Purchase From Tripleclick

So VP has reached to 742+500=1242VP

Win 200Tc by PTP
in whole month you can easily win "1" time only 200TC or u can win 4-5 times 20TC even..
( my personal advice if you are failed to get exact price of ending bid .. just stick with single no like 2.52$, 1.98$ anything always put same no in PTC guess it increase chances to win ..its not 100% but relevant way )

Use that 100Tc in auction to bid precisely and win s-builder/50CSA/100CSA
that 100Bids will also give you 100VP

so now you are with 1242+100=1342VP

For each Bid u doing you will get 5MRP
so roughly if you do 100bids you will get 100 X 5 = 500MRP

so now Use that MRP to purchase Tc
Purchase 2Tc which costs 120MRP each(you already have 500MRP)

Each Tc you purchase it will give you 102 VP
we want 1500-1342=158VP

So Purchase 2 TC with 240MRP will give you 204 VP( we still remain with 260MRP )

LOL!!!!! we are now ahead of 1500VP milestone


Yeah.. we have done

So you can see by single 1.95$ of purchase we can do 1500Vp+ easily..

Hope this will be beneficial to all new members

I Love SFI


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