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Author Topic: Natural alternatives and Antibiotics to Kill Bacteria and Other Pathogens  (Read 2462 times)

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antibiotic resistance has been called a "ticking time bomb" by medical authorities.1 Very simply, when antibiotic users do not complete the full course of their treatment, some bacteria are allowed to survive, reproduce, and develop new abilities to resist our menu of antibiotic drugs. These resistant genes are then passed on through generations and even between species of bacteria. However, the sudden growth of antibiotic resistance has also been fueled by insufficient hospital safety practices and by the excessive use of antibiotics by farmers in the meat industry.

Ongoing news reports highlight our increasing concern about the development of antibiotic resistance in MRSA, tuberculosis, and other infectious pathogens. Antibiotics for pneumonia and other conditions are becoming decreasingly effective because of the abuse of antibiotic treatments.

Mothers and fathers in particular may be concerned about antibiotics during pregnancy, as these drugs can be passed along to the developing child. In this and other cases, natural antibiotics are sometimes safer and healthier. Similarly, many Earth Clinic readers are concerned about antibiotics for sinusitis. Sinus infection antibiotics - due to the nature of recurrent sinus infections - can require repeated antibiotic treatments. This can increase the possibility of antibiotic resistance and claims a heavy toll on the body. In this case, natural antibiotic treatments such as with cayenne pepper may be superior for the sufferer and for society as a whole.
Natural Antibiotics for Sinusitis and Other Conditions

Cayenne pepper, garlic, hydrogen peroxide, and apple cider vinegar are some of the most popular natural remedies for use as oral antibiotics and topical antibiotics alike.



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