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Author Topic: New technology battery cathode supplement to last for 45 years  (Read 2132 times)

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A group of scientists from US department of Energy ORNL they have been working on energy to increase the battery energy to stay for long time.Finally they have found that Long-Held battery?s have three components which are the  positive cathode, negative anode and ion-conducting electrolyte. This battery can only play one role in a device.

So they design which has Dual electrolyte,It not only acts as Ion-conducte by also as cathode Supplement.By enabling the ORNL Developed Solid Electrolyte a Battery can be Boosted it Energy and it Can stay for Long lifespan.

The Researchers of the ORNL has Demonstrated a new concept of lithium carbon fluoride battery which has high Energy,Stable and Stay for Long life.

As the battery gets Discharged it releases a lithium carbon salt that further catalyses a Chemical reaction which activates electrolyte. By which the battery again gets charged up!.In this way the battery works for very long time without any unstability.

So in this way there are being new Possibility?s were arising to Stay battery for 30-50 Years.
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