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Author Topic: Microsoft to release Low-Cost Cloud Game Console  (Read 6440 times)

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Microsoft to release Low-Cost Cloud Game Console
« on: July 25, 2018, 12:14:47 AM »

Microsoft’s next-generation console lineup is reportedly codenamed Scarlett, and according to a new report, the series also includes a model that would rely on cloud power to offer uncompromised gaming performance to buyers.

Specifically, a Thurrott writes that Microsoft’s future Xbox lineup will include a more traditional console whose approach will be similar with the one of the current Xbox One, but also a second device that will come in the form of a streaming box powered by a service called Scarlett Cloud.

Technically, the new console would be a mix of hardware to run a series of tasks locally and cloud to be able to run all games with no drop in performance. Processes that will be handled locally include controller input, image processor, and collision detection.

The report reveals that due to the need for more hardware inside the device, it will be a bit more expensive than expected, but still more affordable than a typical console.



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