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Never accept money for the use of the Art, for money always smudges the receiver. Christians take money for the use of their arts, and they sell pot-metal charms, pardons and potions to men so that they may escape from their sins.
Do not act like these; as long as you refuse to take money, you will be free from the temptation to use the Art for evil causes. All may use the Art for their own advantage or for the advantage of the Craft, but you must always be certain that no-one will be harmed by its use.
Let the coven debate the use of the Art at length, and only when all are satisfied that none will be harmed by its use will the use be allowed. Remember that if you cannot achieve your means in one fashion, your aim may still be reached through another -- always harming none.

Author Topic: Game Developers blast Microsoft for Ruining the Windows Phone Dream  (Read 943 times)

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We’ve known for a while that Windows phones are pretty much dead, but Microsoft has only recently acknowledged the demise of the platform, saying that it has no plans to ship new features or hardware for its mobile operating system.

Users and developers are one by one switching to Android or iOS, but some can’t get over the death of Windows phone without criticizing Microsoft for ruining the platform.

The creators of Game Troopers, which was one of the most popular games on iOS and Android a few years ago, explain that despite their commitment to Windows phones, Microsoft’s mobile strategy was entirely wrong and basically destroyed every chance of its mobile push to succeed.

“Microsoft has done a lot of bad things with Windows Phone, from an engineering point of view – with so many breaking changes on the platform – and from a commercial point of view - the way they treated very loyal developers like Game Troopers and how the company tried to attract others. These were all wrong,” Game Troopers CEO Jesus Bosch was quoted as saying in an interview with Spanish outlet OneWindows.



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