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Author Topic: How To Get Rid Of Smart Phone Addiction in 5 ways  (Read 487 times)

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How To Get Rid Of Smart Phone Addiction in 5 ways
« on: December 12, 2016, 10:42:26 AM »

For those who feel like they are too dependent on their smartphones, maybe itís time to take a break and start paying attention towards the better things. While a smartphone is an essential daily gadget in todayís world, itís not something that one should be addicted to. With that, we present you some ways by which you can get rid of your smartphone addiction

1. Customize notifications on smartphone

The lesser notifications you receive, the less likely you are to check your smartphone. Thatís because people are so addicted to their smartphones so much that it actually takes an effort to ignore notifications. Luckily, notifications can be limited so that they are not that much of a bother.

2. Limit smartphone usage

Now by this, we donít mean that one should decide to not check their smartphones more than 20 times a day. But what can be done is to fix particular times when the device would be used and when it wouldnít be. For instance, itís advisable to keep smartphones away during meals or social gatherings.

3. Get rid of unnecessary apps

Social media apps like Facebook and Twitter are not absolutely essential on smartphones. This may sound like an impossible idea, but you can really do without them. The list of unnecessary apps is endless. This not only frees up time that can be utilized better, but also releases the deviceís storage.

4. Turn phone off before going to bed

This should be pretty obvious, but itís still not practiced by most people. Switch off the phone before going to sleep. Itís as simple as that. Hell wonít freeze over if your phone stays switched off for a few hours, and thatíll help you sleep better as well.

5. Use the old-fashioned way of keeping track of time

It has almost become our second nature to grab our smartphones every time we want to know what time it is. But this is not where it stops. Once we check the time, we end up checking (and acting upon) everything from WhatsApp messages to emails.

So itís best to resort to wearing wrist watches one again, and relying only on them for checking time. Also, actual alarm clocks can be used instead of setting alarms on smartphones.



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